Swedish-Korean Friendship Association

The Swedish-Korean Friendship Association works to promote friendship between Sweden and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea). We denounce US imperialism and wholeheartedly support the Korean people's struggle for independence and national reunification.
We have formal relations with the diplomatic mission of the DPRK to Sweden, as well as with the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries in Pyongyang.
The association gathers people for study meetings, conferences, rallies, exhibitions and so on. Our magazine, Korea-information, is published quarterly and includes articles and analyses about the developments in the DPRK and the Korean peninsula. We have also, during the years, published Korean political works in Swedish.

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To contact us, write an e-mail to:

Unfortunately we receive a lot of spam and junk messages, especially in English. So please use a descriptive subject text. If you haven't received an answer to an e-mail inquiry within two weeks - please send your mail again.

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